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So excited! Would like to say a big thank you to the best company we’ve ever come across, the Nebullus BuildCon. They really went above and beyond anything we ever expected and gave us the best properties with the best deals. To anyone who’s looking to buy a property in the Dholera SIR region, we highly recommend Nebullus, simply amazing.

Just wanted to say thank you for helping us find a wonderful home. We are very keen on moving into our new property very soon. The amenities in our locations are what was advertised without anything less. We really appreciate the honesty that the developers have shown and also not over-selling anything, it is what it is and it’s simply great. Thanks a lot.

The group were such a huge help to me and my wife. They certainly kept us fully-informed on any house they thought might fit our needs. They helped provide what we were looking for in just a week and all the paperwork was easy and feasible without anything kept hidden. They went the extra mile and we are forever in gratitude towards Nebullus BuildCon.

Our extended gratitude to Nebullus BuildCon. The developers are immensely professional and thorough- they understand what we need and deliver in no time at all. Their persistence and dedication is invaluable in the pursuit of our purchase. An experience which we have never been faced with, the ease was simply spectacular.